Strategy.jpgIt has been many months… but I came back.

I think I might have found an answer.

One of the problems I have is I’m an idea and strategy person, and not much more.  Every week I have a new idea and a strategy to go with it.  This week it was:

A hometown-wide community older generation friending venture called ‘Old Friends’.  CRBs essential, obviously.

But I know I am not a take it forwarder so I’ve shared the idea and suggested someone else take it forward.

It made me sad to know I couldn’t do it; it’s super unlikely to happen.

There have been many ideas over the years, such as training to be an engineer and building bridges

So I got to thinking… Surely it takes a super-strategy to deal with such a wily brain?  And what does that mean?

Strategies I’ve tried before:

  • Find a job that works for me (yeah, right).
  • Convince myself and employer that I can do it.
  • Positive affirmations.
  • Push, push, push through the pain.

They don’t work.  The only thing I’ve got is compassion and self-love, and a killer idea-factory of a mind, strategy bungy ropes pinging outward.  So to make this work for me, rather than against me – I’m 31 and this might be the first time I’ve worked out how to work, long-term, on a single concept of an idea – I have to love myself through each little fall and failure.  And not care if I stop.  Everything that I do or don’t do is okay.

It’s a tough idea to get into my head, but when I do… watch this space 🙂

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