My First Decent Winter Coat

Red Coat.jpgI feel so geeky in my thick-rimmed glasses, penguin slippers and bright red coat, but I love them.  Self-care rating – off the charts.

I feel like a kid who’s parents take really good care of him.  Why I am a him in this idea I don’t know.  I’m going with it.

Oh but the guilt… I mean this is a great coat.  When I first got it, just before Christmas, I’d go down the road thinking in all earnest ‘my coat is better than yours’.  And then feeling sad for all the people who hadn’t enough money, or had gone cold in the name of fashion, or even status.  Also, my carers are amazing and they should have what I have.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m very on benefits, but my mum was crazy generous this Christmas and as much as I am grateful and used the money wisely, I wish for a more equal world.  I’m going to do my bit in ways I can – including gloves for homeless people.  Homeless people need gloves.

It’s like self-care off-setting.

I hope you think of others in this cold winter too, even just a kind word helps.

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