Friends 1.jpgYou think you know the story… think again.

People in wheelchairs aren’t sitting there feeling sorry for themselves.  But they are sitting there.

We need to be 100x more organised and self-aware than ‘functioning’ people to get by.  We’re an incredible bunch.

Likewise people with mental health issues are just like you – only mad.

All my friends with mental illnesses, from bi-polar to schizophrenia to personality disorders, are golden, and it takes some emotion juggling to manage that.

Engage, encourage.

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5 replies on “Engage, Encourage

  1. Amazing post!! I could not agree with you more! I have been trying to help my husband that has been suffering from depression for a while now. I know all I can really do is listen. My mother is bipolar and did not want to admit until a few years ago. It is SO important to encourage people instead of discourage!!!

    1. I have family member with intense bi-polar too! It breaks my heart but she is still a kick-ass and beautiful person. It’s all about knowing yourself, knowing them, and making good things happen… I think 🙂 I also had to learn to let go a bit and finally could once she’d been diagnosed – she also didn’t admit or quite know for years. So lovely you and hubby are so communicative. The only depression I know about is family member’s bi-polar depression and she just shuts down, but I love this website to increase self-care and it mainly deals with depression: I’ve just ordered my first buddy box (mini). Let me know if you get one too!! Xxx

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