Books.jpgI’m reading a book called ‘I Love Dick’ by Chris Kraus.

It is not in fact a pornographic word-fest, but a real and essential account of infatuation; and of being a woman today.

What role do women have within the love story?  Do they degrade themselves by meeting society’s stereotypes to be desirable?  I love that she stays true to herself, and feels the agony of the world, and Dick’s rejection – though of course not his penis’s.

Her exploration seems like what we should all be doing:  accepting life’s shit just to be real.  Giving a genuine account feels like the only way we can make progress in this double-standarding, hypocritical, bullshit-sheen of a world.

There is so much complexity in this world.  You have to fight even to follow your soul – if you are to stay well.  But, at least for me, I’d like to fight to be real.

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