Kitten bowl.jpgThe turning point was when I realised I was looking at more pictures of cats on Facebook than I was spending time with my growing kitten.

It was actually hurting the ones I loved.  And I love my cat more than anything.

She has transformed my life; made me who I am today.  So why would I neglect her emotionally.

At that moment I decided to delete Facebook from my phone.  I check it at the most once or twice a day, and rarely write on it.  As a result my cat is getting the love and cuddles she deserves, we have grown closer, and it has had other effects too.

My head is no longer here, there and everywhere.  I am present.  I am no longer transcribing my life in my head for comedic snappy posts.

While ‘Is it Good Friday?  I have no Fish Fingers in.’ did tickle me, I am now happy, and more in the moment.

Life post-facebook, for me, is better.

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