The Puffin Tour

Upward Journeys


We arrived in Oban late at night and quickly nestled into a pub.  I remember it being dark and smelling of fish.  But we were jubilant.  Sean (my brother), Christine and I were on our holidays.

The next morning we woke up and went adventuring.  We drove around a bit… then we saw a sign.  “This Way -> Puffin Tour”, it said.

‘Puffin tour?!’

‘Puffin tour!’

We followed the sign.

A few signs later we found ourselves heading out of the town.

And out, and out.  Where was this puffin tour we wondered.

MUCH further down the road we finally found it; a ramshackle pre-fab next to the sea.

‘Puffin tour!’  We excitedly exclaimed as we walked through the door.

The three men turned round and said to us frankly:

‘You know you won’t see any puffins, right?’

We found a covey beach and skimmed stones to mull it over. …

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