Vitamins.jpgA friend recently recommended Vits B and C for my energy levels.  While I usually tell non-MSers to go jump off a cliff, I thought, this time, well what’s to lose.  I bought a strong B complex from the local chemist and a high strength high quality Vit C from Amazon.  They  have made a very noticable difference to my energy levels… so I highly recommend them.  Remember quality and strength.  Yes you’ll dig deep in your pockets, but yes it is worth it.

I also recommend them for non-MSers.

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5 replies on “Vitamins B and C Help With Energy

  1. Thank you for sharing information about vitamin B and C! I started taking Vitamin C to combat how sick everyone else always seems to be. Considering I know my immune system is not up to “normal” standards I believe extra vitamins help. I also take a lot of Vitamin D because my levels were always so low!

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