pet.jpgIf my blog gave me existence, my pet gave me the will to live.

My kitten was born just over a year ago.  A friend and I just celebrated her first birthday with loads of toys and boxes and wrapping paper, and she loved it.  I highly advocate pets for mental health.  They bring focus and love; someone to get up for.

I altered a mainstream song:

A friend in need is a friend indeed,
a friend with cats is better.
A friend with pets and all the rest,
a friend who’s dressed in pleather.

Happy Friday xXx

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3 replies on “Pets and All the Rest

  1. I am so glad to see I am not the only one that celebrate pets birthdays! I have two adorable and very loving cats that are spoiled rotten! Birthdays are always celebrated. They get special gifts for all holidays! We treat our two cats like they are our children because they really are!! I would rather be surrounded by animals more than people anytime!!!

      1. Our cats only know how to love unconditionally and never accept hate into their sweet little minds! They are so forgiving and typically do not hold a grudge, although mine do after I clip their nails! It seems plot their revenge and about a half hour after their pedicure, they attack my hands or feet! So cute and hilarious!

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