Upward Journeys

Journal.jpgI’m probably skipping ahead… but so is my will 😊

I’m quite sick – my health is precarious at best.  I have multiple sclerosis and bi-polar lite.  It’s a lot of illness for a 31 year old girl (now 32 year old woman).

And journeling is how I process everything.  It has helped me realise my actual feelings about a lot of things and find my authentic voice.

Half-way through writing a book called ‘My MS-ey Life’ I realised it was all pretty, romanticised bullshit.  It was difficult but I started to be honest with myself.  Having MS sucks many balls.

Life has felt better since then, and I’m making more healthy decisions.

It is well known in the alt. health world for its therapeutic value and I thoroughly endorse it.

(I might still write the book but it will look very different.)

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