Goals.jpgI struggle with goals.  On the one-hand, they keep you focused.  This year I wanted to ramp up my organising skills, and, seeing as I was moving house, I saw a perfect opportunity for that.  I set some goals and to a large extent I have stuck to that.  I still feel there are things to do.

Things I did:

  • Made a list file
  • Created a work-towards list in the form of affirmations
  • Created a place for everything (although there is a little more to do in one room)

It has optimised my emotional well being, and it helps centre me regarding what I want my home to be for.  I have made it a homely space which includes things like board games and cards I can write and send out for all occasions.  I also now know what I want from my life.

Goals have been good for me in this respect.  They have focused my energy on essentially making my life right for me.

On the other hand, goals can make something too intense for me.  I zero in and because I am a perfectionist it makes me stressed.

I think I have to see goals as guidelines; as something to work towards.

I guess I am getting to know what works best for me.

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