Carers and support workers are not paid well enough, or often trained well enough, for the job they do.  Their job is complex and nuanced.  Their ego takes the back seat while they support the needs of another, while, if they are a good carer, gaining gratification from a job well done.

Needs may comprise of ‘getting on and off the toilet’ on the care plan, but we are dealing with real people here.  The words ‘with dignity’ are implied.  Why aren’t they written down, and the remit of this to the individual specified?

There is no status in this role.  While firemen, police officers and nurses are all valued for their contribution to society, carers are stratified, and their classification holds no glory.  Nobody grows up saying ‘I want to be a carer when I grow up.’

If those in a caring role were paid more and trained better, there would be better health outcomes for the sick/elderly/mentally different.  Care workers would enjoy their jobs more, and take more pride in doing a good job.  Why haven’t the government addressed this issue?  Because, I can only assume, they do not care about the sick/elderly/mentally different.  They have not put dignity at the heart of care and they underpay those providing the service.  It is carelessness, at best.

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