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Time Out From Blogging


I love blogging.  It makes me look for life lessons in day-to-day life.  But taking time off to collect my thoughts is also really important.  It’s like looking out of the window and becoming entranced by something out there.  To become reabsorbed in life.  And then the ideas start and I’ll write again.

Having a focus is all well and good, but time off is when you reconnect to life and organise your thoughts.  It is essential – in both meanings of the word.


2 thoughts on “Time Out From Blogging

  1. Blogging is definitely amazing, but taking time out is also important too! Sometimes we all just need a few moments to collect our thoughts before continuing to write about them, if that makes any sense!

    1. Yes exactly feel the same. It’s really productive as well as needed most times!! xx

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