Wheelchair.jpgI’d been single for four months and, well, I’m a romantic, so I decided to re-jigg my dating profile online.  Full of unfounded optimism – it had never worked before – I reached for the laptop, updated my pictures, retained my profile bio:

“I like dating.  Let’s date!”

(If it isn’t broke don’t fix it), and started to browse.

Let’s not be modest, I take a mean selfie.  So I soon had the emails flooding in.  ONE guy online-shrugged at my illness.  The others online-ran, like it was a race.  Even though I’m in a wheelchair I have a high conversion rate, from interest to interested, when I’m out and about.  Maybe it’s because the size of my bussoms is more apparent face-to-face?  I don’t know.  But what I do know is that people are shit-scared of wheelers online.  Wheely.

Anyway, I’m dating Mr Shrug on Wednesday.

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