It is no secret that I have been diagnosed with BiPolar Disorder and Multiple Sclerosis.  I have been on a ‘healing journey’ for many years now and one of the things I’ve learned is that there is no one way to heal.  We all carry differently shaped scars.  It is that simple.

One thing that we can do is shape our lives around who we are rather than try to keep up with what is ‘normal’ or simply expected of us.  It is the way to happiness; to peace.


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  1. You my dear had to deal with so much, but you are still standing! I only know what a struggle it is to be diagnosed with MS and it was a complete shock to my poor mind. I do know some about Bipolar because both of my parents are. I do not have anything to do with my father, but his bipolar has NOTHING to do with it. He was just an absent father all my life and broke my heart too many times. My mother is finally accepting it and dealing with it the best she can! Please make sure to try to keep you chin up and know there are many people here to support you and help the best we can! Sending you lots of love and comfort!

    1. It is so nice to be part of an online community. I feel so together with a global movement. I am not in touch with my father either… and I feel so much better for it. What a fucked up man. Bipolar also runs in my family. Thanks Alyssa xxxxx So so lovely to talk – wish I could share more without breaching confidences.

      1. Yes, this online community is so incredible! My father is just a poor excuse for a man, always has been and always will be. Since letting the wishful thinking of a father go, I am a lot happier. Not allowing his ways to impact my life is healthier for my own heart and soul. I know it is difficult, but please always know that I am here for you! Life gets very difficult and messy, so I think we all need an outlet of some kind!

  2. MS has answers, please check out Dr. Wallach MS on YouTube and you can learn how to nutritionally help yourself (and others). More videos with pop up from other natural doctors as well. I like Dr. Eric Berg too. Get informed, don’t be fooled…

  3. I have definitely had a challenge coming to grips with a new goal for “success” after my relapse and letting go of the previous dreams I had. But with time I’m finding this is who I truly am as opposed to what the world would like to see me as

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