Les Mis

Les Mis.jpg

I looked over from the Chinese restaurant.   ‘Why would anyone want to see “The Miserables”?’  I said.

‘I know what you mean,’ said Poppy.

A year later I went to see Les Mis, for my 30th birthday.

It is the best musical I have ever seen and I will never put it down again no no I won’t.

Les Mis is one of the musicals and activities I book and then look forward to. We all need things to look forward to in our daily lives.

10 thoughts on “Les Mis

  1. mphadventuregirl says:

    In high school, I told myself, “I will never love a tragedy”

    Dec. 2012, my parents took my sister and I to see Les Mis at the movie theatre. I was a bit unsure coming in. Then after Fantine died, something clicked: Les Mis was a tragedy: I started thinking “Les Mis is tragic, musical aren’t supposed to be tragic”. I was shocked and confused. I didn’t know to respond to that realization one bit. By the end, I didn’t know what to think of Les Mis. Despite that, I started researching Les Mis anyways.

    Then March 2013 comes along: I decided: don’t know why, to watch that movie a 2nd time. This time I calmed down and noticed there is something special in Les Mis. By summer 2013, I became officially obsessed with Les Mis. I became a huge fan of the musical. Now I have seen that movie who knows how many times, the stage show 5 times, the 25th anniversary concert a couple of times and listened to the songs over 800 times or so. Les Mis taught me that tragedies aren’t pure sad like I thought; that death scenes can me memorable- I once thought they couldn’t’; discovered heartbreak is a musical emotion- I previously discovered sad but not heartbreak. So Les Mis challenged musicals and just made me look at musicals from a different perspective. Les Mis is responsible for my passion of musicals.

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  2. UpwardJourneys says:

    It’s really ‘the incredibles’ I guess. It shows hardship in life as well as true and incredible acts of giving. Though I am not really religious the play and music really do hold the humility and kindness that I came to associate with the idea of God when I did religious studies at university. I guess it was natural for me to fall in love with Les Mis in the way I did RS.

    I love musicals too :~)

    Love hearing from someone who loves Les Mis as much as me 🙂


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