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I looked over from the Chinese restaurant.   ‘Why would anyone want to see “The Miserables”?’  I said.

‘I know what you mean,’ said Poppy.

A year later I went to see Les Mis, for my 30th birthday.

It is the best musical I have ever seen and I will never put it down again no no I won’t.

Les Mis is one of the musicals and activities I book and then look forward to. We all need things to look forward to in our daily lives.

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  1. In high school, I told myself, “I will never love a tragedy”

    Dec. 2012, my parents took my sister and I to see Les Mis at the movie theatre. I was a bit unsure coming in. Then after Fantine died, something clicked: Les Mis was a tragedy: I started thinking “Les Mis is tragic, musical aren’t supposed to be tragic”. I was shocked and confused. I didn’t know to respond to that realization one bit. By the end, I didn’t know what to think of Les Mis. Despite that, I started researching Les Mis anyways.

    Then March 2013 comes along: I decided: don’t know why, to watch that movie a 2nd time. This time I calmed down and noticed there is something special in Les Mis. By summer 2013, I became officially obsessed with Les Mis. I became a huge fan of the musical. Now I have seen that movie who knows how many times, the stage show 5 times, the 25th anniversary concert a couple of times and listened to the songs over 800 times or so. Les Mis taught me that tragedies aren’t pure sad like I thought; that death scenes can me memorable- I once thought they couldn’t’; discovered heartbreak is a musical emotion- I previously discovered sad but not heartbreak. So Les Mis challenged musicals and just made me look at musicals from a different perspective. Les Mis is responsible for my passion of musicals.

  2. It’s really ‘the incredibles’ I guess. It shows hardship in life as well as true and incredible acts of giving. Though I am not really religious the play and music really do hold the humility and kindness that I came to associate with the idea of God when I did religious studies at university. I guess it was natural for me to fall in love with Les Mis in the way I did RS.

    I love musicals too :~)

    Love hearing from someone who loves Les Mis as much as me 🙂

    1. Les Mis not only is tragic and heartbreaking. It is also full of hope, love, compassion, forgiveness, sacrifice, humanity, and redemption. Characters who lives are so interconnected who directly and indirectly impact each others lives. Brilliant songs, which are so epic, powerful, passionate, and highly emotionally moving

      1. The underlying spirituality is what keeps Les Mis from being too depressing. It is why I am not sick and tired of it. The spirituality is one of the things I am emotionally connected to: you notice it in many scenes even though sometimes you have to look harder to notice it at first. It makes Les Mis very special in so many ways.

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