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Healing: To What End?

Sand.jpgIt’s a tricky question.  Surely when we embark on a healing journey, we think we are trying to reach an end goal; we think there is a point at which we will be ‘healed’.  But what on earth does that look like?

We will always be a mix of traits.  We will never be perfect – and what on earth ‘perfect’ looks like I can’t imagine – our quirks make us who we are after all.

Being on a healing journey is not necessarily a bad thing however; since the time I found Buddhism at 23, I have learnt my truth, learnt to dramatically reduce my MS relapses, lost my anxiety, become social and outgoing, and even now I am learning to fall asleep more peacefully – the stresses of the day being put to one side.

Healing journeys, if we are to embark on them at all, take us in small steps towards the life that we want; a life we are proud of.  So, I think they are a good thing, and I am so glad I have been on one for many years.

Just remember, you are perfectly imperfect, and I hope that learning to accept that, will be part of your healing journey too.


9 thoughts on “Healing: To What End?

  1. I loved this post! You are correct saying that we are all perfectly imperfect humans! I swear I live by that saying!!

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    awesome!! had to share via reblog!! <3

  3. What sweet gentle inspiration – i am perfect in my imperfection….love that! thank you! 🙂

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