If I could turn back time, I wouldn’t drink, or smoke.  I’d go to class, and do my homework.  I’d take up gymnastics, or hockey, and go up mountains every weekend.  If I could turn back time, I’d be healthy.

But that’s the way my life went (and I still got a masters, despite it all).

I can’t change the past, whether I’d want to or not.  But I can change my now, and by George I am.  I am doing everything I ever dreamed of (and I walked up some Scottish hills before my illness got more debilitating).

Do I have regrets?  Sure I do.  But my life isn’t about what happened in the past.  It is a journey after all, and I wouldn’t appreciate now, and be so sure of where I want to go, if I hadn’t have had those experiences.

How has your past changed your present, and are you on your way to where you want to be now?

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