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A Spectacular View


The view as life slows down is pretty spectacular.

I am seeing different possibilities in the way I act, for example, the more I meditate.

I also feel less of the grip of social media.  I rarely post on facebook now, and so it is not on my radar very much.  It is very liberating.  It feels like my world has somehow expanded; I notice more of the world around me; the little things; the big things.  And because I meditate, I see things more equanimously; they are what they are.

Giving up stress, focusing on what is healthy, shaping my life around me; this journey has been a treat… and it is only just beginning.


4 thoughts on “A Spectacular View

  1. This sounds perfect! I ‘gave up’ Facebook in January, I just couldn’t do it any more. I post pictures I know my mum would like to see and have to check the school page but otherwise I don’t bother… I’m much happier without it! I need to get into meditation, perhaps I’ll set that as my ‘pre Christmas goal’.

    1. Yeah! It took me a year to settle into it, and even now I forget to do it sometimes, but when I do YEAH it’s amazing. (secular Buddhist) has great podcasts and guided meditations. I use the Calm app most days. Let me know how it goes xxxx

      1. Will do! I use The Honest Guys guided meditations for insomnia quite often, really love those because they help me sleep 😊

  2. Zencast makes me peaceful and sleepy too. I’ll try The Honest Guys tonight thanks for the tip xxx

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