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Going Organic


This past summer, I decided that 2019 would be a year of not eating processed food.  I decided to get a bread maker and practice over this half a year.

So far, it has gone quite well.  All meat comes from either the farmers market or butchers (it is sooo yummy), fruit and veg comes in a weekly organic box, and bits and bobs (olive oil, soy sauce etc.) I’m getting from the local health food shop.

I have not tried making bread yet.

Though the initial outlay for quality meat and vegetables is quite high, when you don’t eat out at all, it is actually cheaper – and you get to eat better quality food.

I am doing it slowly, and not replacing things until they’re finished – because I can’t afford it – but I’m excited.  It doesn’t feel like a chore at all.  Just like I’m having treats all the time.  Man, you should try these organic pears!


5 thoughts on “Going Organic

  1. Your taste buds will change, and processed will be too sweet, or too fake in time. You’re doing it the right way, slowly. Less junk food equate to the difference in organic.

  2. I too started to eat organic in the past few months. It’s almost impossible to do it 100% everyday with there being 95% convienience junk food on the shelves where I live, and not nearly enough organic selection. I too recently found an organic farm that delievers every week which really helps but meat is a tricky one. I’m still searching for a good provider!
    Well done to you and keep at it, your health is your wealth!

    1. Agreed and I’m not sure I’ll ever make 100% either. Have you tried Riverford meat? They deliver. I much prefer the farmers market meat which is free range so I’m sticking with that.

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