Every creature has a lot to overcome.  I have an illness or two, etc.  Sometimes life can be a struggle.  For everyone.  But how we see our challenges radically changes our future.  Here’s how:  if we just mope around feeling sorry for ourselves, what scope is there for making a positive outcome happen?  I can’t see it.  The only way to make positive changes is to see each challenge as a chance to grow.

How do you see your situation?

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8 replies on “Or… Are We Blessed?

  1. Life is too short to be a slave of the past.
    I can’t change what happened. But I can still change what will happen. What I can do NOW is the only thing that matters.
    The ultimate freedom is inside of me.
    I choose compassion to guide me and bless me.

    Yes, we are all blessed when we choose compassion to guide us.

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