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Wrapping Up Warm

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It’s got cold here in the United Kingdom, and it is my favourite season.  Hot chocolates, snuggling by the fire.  But the best and most important thing is to wear warm clothes.  That means big coats, scarves, mittens and woolly hats.  Mine has a bobble on it.  What will you wear this Autumn/Winter?


5 thoughts on “Wrapping Up Warm

  1. I prefer hoodies. 😀

    1. Hadn’t thought of that! Got a Harry Potter hoodie just waiting to be worn!!

  2. This cold turn is perfect for me, I’m still wearing my summer tops, customers have commented on it.
    But with the clocks changing at the weekend I expect I will start pulling out the longer sleeves and the odd jumper and layering up a bit. Maybe even wear socks!

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