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Every Dream Starts With A Yearning

Being honest? I yearn for love, I yearn to feel good about myself and the world. I yearn for peace.

Those are the realities behind my dreams, and I have created a world in which I think I am best placed to find them.

What do you dream of, and how have you shaped your life to find them?


4 thoughts on “Every Dream Starts With A Yearning

  1. Yearn for love by loving yourself. Love is pain but you are the antidote. Love is a word–just like hate. Think of this…if you were a Native American you would be deemed special (not special needs…just special)…but you’re not Native American and so you have to be your own guide. Love yourself.
    I dream of ending my days in a cabin, by a lake, in the Land of 10.000 lakes. Minnesota.
    That’s my dream.

    1. That’s what my blog’s about xxx beautiful dream xxxx

  2. I’ve been yearning for peace within myself and I’ve achieved that this year all thanks to God.

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