Being honest? I yearn for love, I yearn to feel good about myself and the world. I yearn for peace.

Those are the realities behind my dreams, and I have created a world in which I think I am best placed to find them.

What do you dream of, and how have you shaped your life to find them?

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4 replies on “Every Dream Starts With A Yearning

  1. Yearn for love by loving yourself. Love is pain but you are the antidote. Love is a word–just like hate. Think of this…if you were a Native American you would be deemed special (not special needs…just special)…but you’re not Native American and so you have to be your own guide. Love yourself.
    I dream of ending my days in a cabin, by a lake, in the Land of 10.000 lakes. Minnesota.
    That’s my dream.

  2. I’ve been yearning for peace within myself and I’ve achieved that this year all thanks to God.

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