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It’s World Mental Health Day!

Friends 2.jpg

I have bipolar. We all know that. But what I’d like to talk about is how wonderful the people around me are. I live in a building filled with people mentally and physically different from ‘normal’. They are truly and thoroughly some of the best people I have ever met. So understanding, so caring.

Don’t judge us or pity us. The only hardship we face is people that don’t care.

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E-Shop Coming Soon


I am very excited to announce that I am collecting items to sell in an e-shop.  There will be a small merch-y clothing range with quotes on, and a book or two to buy.  You have to start somewhere.

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Curve Balls


Life throws you curve balls.  It always does.  What I’m so grateful for is the clear direction I’ve laid out for myself.  I really believe in it – and I really believe in a goal-some life.

Every dream you strive to achieve will present complexities to surpass.  Just as life will throw up difficulties.  You grow as you work your way around them.

I’m so grateful to find my way around each difficulty, knowing where I’m going.

In the same way, knowing and really believing in my dreams really helps me get through difficulties.

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MS And Mental Health

UJ TeaWhen you are diagnosed with MS, there is no emotional support.  When you have had a relapse, there is nothing either.  You are told to ‘get on with it’ and similar phrases.

To which I say… ‘what?’

I was diagnosed at 23, which is young – I didn’t know who I was, where I wanted to be, or, at that point, what meaning I even attached to my life.

When I lost my legs, at 26, I went literally mental.  I ended up in mental hospital.

I now have yearly episodes of psychosis – and unsurprisingly the delusions always centre around my health.

I wasn’t able to cope with my illness and I wish I had had more support.  My health outcome would have been better.

Emotional support is necessary for people with MS.  Spread the word.

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Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone.jpg

I am so damn confident and secure in myself…  and this evening made me feel like an insecure child again.   Honestly, some of the things that came out of my mouth.

I went to a business networking event.  I was well out of my comfort zone.

They say you need to step out of your comfort zone in order to learn, and it’s true; I know I will be thinking about this event until I have found a resolution.

Was it my clothes?  My belief in the product?  My comfort with an ambitious environment?

What sort of business person do I want to be?

I think that that is enough stepping out for now – I have limits and respecting them is my saving grace – but at least it gives me some things to think through and find an answer to.

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The Time To Write Is Here

Writing Time.jpg

It’s got to be the BiPolar again, hasn’t it, or maybe the big weekend.  Maybe it’s reading a bit.  Maybe the winds of change are just upon me.

Either way, I feel tired and inspired; in need of an adventure.   I miss when I am taken to another land; one where I can simply imagine, and feel the aching and joy of life’s thrilling chases.

It is time to do some writing.