Something To Look Forward To

We all need something to look forward to, be it a musical or a new house.  That’s why goals are so good – they give you somewhere good to go. What are your somethings to look forward to?  Are you finding ways to make them happen? Advertisements

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Sun Hat

Summer is hot. The sun is nice. It feels good on your skin, So you don’t think twice. You wear your short shorts, You let your hair down. You won’t let nothin’, Give you a frown. But sun’s got a secret, It know’s where it’s at. It’s full of UV rays! So wear your sun…

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The Puffin Tour

We arrived in Oban late at night and quickly nestled into a pub.  I remember it being dark and smelling of fish.  But we were jubilant.  Sean (my brother), Christine and I were on our holidays. The next morning we woke up and went adventuring.  We drove around a bit… then we saw a sign. …

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