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Exercise – Don’t Think About It

Controversial I know, but the less you think about exercise, the better.

Here’s why:

1) The more you think about it, the more stressed and unlikely to succeed you will be.

2) If you get into a routine of working out, you are 100x more likely to succeed.

I mean do exercise, but don’t dwell on it.

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I have a friend who I adore. He has schizophrenia. He calls two apples tapples. T-apples. It’s hard to put into words how grateful for him and fond of him I am.

I wish the world would lose it’s prejudice just for one day. Life for us all would be so much better.

Hugs and love xXxx

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True Acts And Self-Worth

We live in a funny old age. Social media is often centred around self promotion, and the rat race has us vying for status. But is competing really good for our self-esteem? Surely it actually undermines our self-worth. As Naomi Klein says, ‘The quest for cool is by nature riddled with self doubt.’

Acts of beauty and acts of love are the opposite of this game, they focus on what you can contribute and they make you feel so much better. Try doing a true act this week.

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A Moment Of Ĺove

Flower Girl.jpg

Love – the word – makes us feel warm and excited.  It makes us feel safe and protected.  We think of a strong partner. A wise partner.

Today, try being this person for yourself.  Love yourself…  Look after yourself.  Try having a ‘moment of love’ and be those things for you.

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Spring Water

Spring Water.jpg

I get thirsty, a lot.  And when I do, I drink tap water.  My super health conscious friend recently advised I start drinking spring water instead.  I did, and I noticed the difference straight away.  I felt lighter and more well immediately, and it seems to be getting even better with time.  My under eyes are not dark anymore.

I think it is due to the heavy metals in tap water.

Would you be willing to try switching?

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Or… Are We Blessed?


Every creature has a lot to overcome.  I have an illness or two, etc.  Sometimes life can be a struggle.  For everyone.  But how we see our challenges radically changes our future.  Here’s how:  if we just mope around feeling sorry for ourselves, what scope is there for making a positive outcome happen?  I can’t see it.  The only way to make positive changes is to see each challenge as a chance to grow.

How do you see your situation?