Travel Music

“Just grab your hat and take that ride.” The Band.   A holiday would be nothing without a soundtrack.  This year I have painstakingly been through many CD’s for our forthcoming trip to the Scottish hills, and the winner is The Band by The Band. Music = love. Advertisements

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Team Wedding

‘I just pee’d in your car.’ I said to my brother Sean. Though Sean knew, I’d finally decided to admit I’d pee’d myself in front of my friend Alexis. He was my date at my step brother’s wedding. ‘Thanks.’ ‘Urine’s actually one of the cleanest things there is,’ I said. ‘Well try not to do…

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The Puffin Tour

We arrived in Oban late at night and quickly nestled into a pub.  I remember it being dark and smelling of fish.  But we were jubilant.  Sean (my brother), Christine and I were on our holidays. The next morning we woke up and went adventuring.  We drove around a bit… then we saw a sign. …

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