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Or… Are We Blessed?


Every creature has a lot to overcome.  I have an illness or two, etc.  Sometimes life can be a struggle.  For everyone.  But how we see our challenges radically changes our future.  Here’s how:  if we just mope around feeling sorry for ourselves, what scope is there for making a positive outcome happen?  I can’t see it.  The only way to make positive changes is to see each challenge as a chance to grow.

How do you see your situation?

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MS And Mental Health

UJ TeaWhen you are diagnosed with MS, there is no emotional support.  When you have had a relapse, there is nothing either.  You are told to ‘get on with it’ and similar phrases.

To which I say… ‘what?’

I was diagnosed at 23, which is young – I didn’t know who I was, where I wanted to be, or, at that point, what meaning I even attached to my life.

When I lost my legs, at 26, I went literally mental.  I ended up in mental hospital.

I now have yearly episodes of psychosis – and unsurprisingly the delusions always centre around my health.

I wasn’t able to cope with my illness and I wish I had had more support.  My health outcome would have been better.

Emotional support is necessary for people with MS.  Spread the word.

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Health Headlines


“Shock story!”  “Disease risk!”  “…as rates reach record high!”

Illness is categorised and then sensationalised.  It is torn apart from it’s counter-part, health, and presented as an entrancing gruesome tit-bit for you to enjoy with your coffee.

It is telling that only one out of twelve headline articles on the CNN website is even in the vein of  ‘Slow down and live long with the ancient practice of qigong’.

Basically, the media makes health and illness into something completely alien from what it is – to sell papers – by making it exciting, whereas actually we all really just need to listen to ourselves and what we need to be well.

Trust yourself, listen to yourself.  Stay well.

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The Runner

The Runner.jpg

I went on a date with a man who runs the other day.  Races…  away from me…  It’s okay it wasn’t the right thing.  I know he was interested because he still wanted to fuck me.  I told him to join the que.

My grounds for dismissal were that he is a scientist, and qualitative researchers hold no grounds for scientists.  He didn’t even find my theories interesting.

I did laugh when he said being a moderately committed agnostic was about the most flakey thing you could be.  That’s me!

There was no follow up.

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Pets and All the Rest

pet.jpgIf my blog gave me existence, my pet gave me the will to live.

My kitten was born just over a year ago.  A friend and I just celebrated her first birthday with loads of toys and boxes and wrapping paper, and she loved it.  I highly advocate pets for mental health.  They bring focus and love; someone to get up for.

I altered a mainstream song:

A friend in need is a friend indeed,
a friend with cats is better.
A friend with pets and all the rest,
a friend who’s dressed in pleather.

Happy Friday xXx

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Positive Inner Voice

Inner Voice.jpgI have been silent for a good month or so, and that is because I have been moving house.

What an experience!

I’m a firm believer that every new time in your life brings new opportunities to grow, and at this hectic time it is more important than ever to focus mindfulness, self-care and kindness towards myself and others.

Today’s task is to listen to my negative inner voice and say to it that it’s not right.  Then tell myself the positive truth.