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Best Cat

Best Cat.jpg

I love my cat,
No matter what she does,
Jumping on my feet,
Swiping my leg fuzz,

A character, a beaut,
My latest fine recruit,
She’s steadfast as heck
And proper, proper cute.


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There’s A Cat On My Knee / To Play Happily

To Play.jpg

Sitting with friends,
Watching T.V.,
But the best thing by far,
Is the cat on my knee.

My mind starts to wander,
To fields out yonder;
A cottage and hills;
a broad, rooted tree.

Striding up mountains,
Crackling fires.
Living the dance:
Life a lived chance.

As she snuggles and purrs,
The way she prefers,
I know that my kitten,
Will be coming with me.

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We Sat With The Ducks

duck.jpgDoctor Joe lives just right up the hall,
and when I’m with him I defs have a ball.

He rolls up a cig and we sit with the ducks.
They’re actually pidgeons but but I couldn’t give two…

Shucks!  It is great.  Living the best.
What is life really, but one made-up nest?

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Brexit Fags

Fag.jpgWho’s the sock thief?
I mean we could name names.
Give blames.
Pure flames.

What’s your beef?
Say it loud
And say it proud
Better than living in a cloud

Own them odd socks.
Put them on and say they fit,
Dare the world to be a hypocrite,
Till your Brexit fag is lit. (That’s the dark bit).

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Being a Snail

Snail.jpgThis sounds like a psychotic tale,
Perhaps it is.  Perhaps it’s not.
I know I’d like to be a snail.
Who gets things done,
And smiles a lot.

I’d like to take my dearest dreams,
And make them dearest real.
I know I’d like to be a snail.
Who gets things done,
The real deal.

Is it true or fantasy?
I can do something good.
I know I’d like to be a snail.
Who gets things done…
So I’d better get to work.