There’s A Cat On My Knee / To Play Happily

To Play.jpg

Sitting with friends,
Watching T.V.,
But the best thing by far,
Is the cat on my knee.

My mind starts to wander,
To fields out yonder;
A cottage and hills;
a broad, rooted tree.

Striding up mountains,
Crackling fires.
Living the dance:
Life a lived chance.

As she snuggles and purrs,
The way she prefers,
I know that my kitten,
Will be coming with me.

We Sat With The Ducks

duck.jpgDoctor Joe lives just right up the hall,
and when I’m with him I defs have a ball.

He rolls up a cig and we sit with the ducks.
They’re actually pidgeons but but I couldn’t give two…

Shucks!  It is great.  Living the best.
What is life really, but one made-up nest?

Sun Hat

Hat.jpgSummer is hot.
The sun is nice.
It feels good on your skin,
So you don’t think twice.

You wear your short shorts,
You let your hair down.
You won’t let nothin’,
Give you a frown.

But sun’s got a secret,
It know’s where it’s at.
It’s full of UV rays!
So wear your sun hat.

To Give to Living Lips

lips.jpgGolden sheathes beckon,
To swaddle
My beyond-repair body;
To bring a smile of thank-you to my kissing lips.
Giving – it’s who I am too.
At the end of the day,
My living lips will say thank you.