The ‘One Day’ Trick

The way things have gone recently, I don’t feel like I have very much agency at the moment.  It is not my ideal situation.  So to get through, this time, I am using the ‘one day’ trick.  I know that one day I will have freedom and will have a lot of agency over my…

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Meta Meditation

Otherwise known as loving-kindness meditation, meta meditation increases empathy and compassion for the world around you.  As a practice it comes from the Buddhist tradition, though you need not be Buddhist, or even religious, to benefit from the meditation. To do it, all you need is a quiet spot and either good intentions or the…

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Positive Inner Voice

I have been silent for a good month or so, and that is because I have been moving house. What an experience! I’m a firm believer that every new time in your life brings new opportunities to grow, and at this hectic time it is more important than ever to focus mindfulness, self-care and kindness…

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