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Six Word Story Challenge


“A Dark Room Bares My Heart”

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Health Headlines


“Shock story!”  “Disease risk!”  “…as rates reach record high!”

Illness is categorised and then sensationalised.  It is torn apart from it’s counter-part, health, and presented as an entrancing gruesome tit-bit for you to enjoy with your coffee.

It is telling that only one out of twelve headline articles on the CNN website is even in the vein of  ‘Slow down and live long with the ancient practice of qigong’.

Basically, the media makes health and illness into something completely alien from what it is – to sell papers – by making it exciting, whereas actually we all really just need to listen to ourselves and what we need to be well.

Trust yourself, listen to yourself.  Stay well.

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The Nurse That Understands

Nurse Care.jpg

‘Those glasses are too good for you…’

I grinned.  How could my Tysabri nurse know me so well?  It had been a thought for a while.  I had peered all around the problem and tried to knead it into shape.

‘I’ll grow into them,’ I said.

And I did.


I properly love my Tysabri team.  I love how they just understand psychosis.

I also love my glasses.

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The Time To Write Is Here

Writing Time.jpg

It’s got to be the BiPolar again, hasn’t it, or maybe the big weekend.  Maybe it’s reading a bit.  Maybe the winds of change are just upon me.

Either way, I feel tired and inspired; in need of an adventure.   I miss when I am taken to another land; one where I can simply imagine, and feel the aching and joy of life’s thrilling chases.

It is time to do some writing.

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The Bunch of Flowers

flowers.jpg‘I’ve bought these flowers for myself,’ I laughingly told the next table.  ‘But they’re really pretty!’

Sometimes it’s good to treat yourself, and last night, while dressed up to the nines, was one of those times.  Plus they were £1.50.

I danced around town – you can dance in a wheelchair – and then gave them to my favourite Big Issue man on the way home, who said he’d give them to his wife.

Sometimes it’s good to show people they mean something to you.

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The Puffin Tour


We arrived in Oban late at night and quickly nestled into a pub.  I remember it being dark and smelling of fish.  But we were jubilant.  Sean (my brother), Christine and I were on our holidays.

The next morning we woke up and went adventuring.  We drove around a bit… then we saw a sign.  “This Way -> Puffin Tour”, it said.

‘Puffin tour?!’

‘Puffin tour!’

We followed the sign.

A few signs later we found ourselves heading out of the town.

And out, and out.  Where was this puffin tour we wondered.

MUCH further down the road we finally found it; a ramshackle pre-fab next to the sea.

‘Puffin tour!’  We excitedly exclaimed as we walked through the door.

The three men turned round and said to us frankly:

‘You know you won’t see any puffins, right?’

We found a covey beach and skimmed stones to mull it over.  We gave up on the puffin tour.