The ‘One Day’ Trick

The way things have gone recently, I don’t feel like I have very much agency at the moment.  It is not my ideal situation.  So to get through, this time, I am using the ‘one day’ trick.  I know that one day I will have freedom and will have a lot of agency over my…

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Tiny Bicycle (Short Story)

‘If I were to ride a tiny bicycle I would do it very earnestly.’ I looked at the merry-go-round before us. ‘As you spun round.’  I said. ‘As I spun round.’ ‘Mm.’ Luke was a hottie I knew from the 70’s. He was a testament to the phrase ‘young at heart.’  But also young in…

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Team Wedding

‘I just pee’d in your car.’ I said to my brother Sean. Though Sean knew, I’d finally decided to admit I’d pee’d myself in front of my friend Alexis. He was my date at my step brother’s wedding. ‘Thanks.’ ‘Urine’s actually one of the cleanest things there is,’ I said. ‘Well try not to do…

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