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Tired To Highly Energised (Guest Blog)


My friend has written this post on very strong energy information.. it is as follows…

There are TWO main things to increasing energy levels drastically, however there are more techniques to take it further which i will go into…

The 2 main steps are resolving mineral and vitamin deficiencies and detoxifying the body e.g. kidney flushing through certain yoga poses you can find online.

The product I recommend for vitamins and minerals is called Newgen Superfoods Plus which a very high quality mineral and vitamin supplement with other health ingredients like anti-oxidants and probiotics.

This product contains over 80 minerals and practically all your vitamins.  The average multi vitamin contains 20 nutrients in total…

However if you cannot afford this product a standard multi vitamin would be somewhat beneficial.

You can get this product at the wholesale price of £27.99+PnP by creating an account instead of the rrp £37.99+ PnP.

To get it wholesale price, go to then select start a business and register…

Also your dietary intake can top up or even replace this supplement.. e.g alfalfa and bean sprouts, nuts and seeds, grasses like wheatgrass, etc…

Additional vitamins and minerals to supplement for higher energy levels are B12, D3, Calcium, Iron, and Folic acid (check the strengths of these supplements before buying, and get the strongest ones).

I do 2 scoops of Newgen, these 5 nutrients and a natural multivitamin alongside a product called Bio-Strath (I use all of these as I have strong energy problems and needs as high nutrient intake as i can safely get.  You could also copy this protocol).

O.k. so the next step is detoxing which can be very fun but is way to much information to share on this post, however I will share a full post on detoxing at a later date…

Colon cleansing, either internally e.g. aloev vera colon cleanse or with colonic cleansing equipment like going to a Colonic Hydro therapist, is greatly beneficial.

Liver and kidney flushing is also greatly beneficial, through certain poses in the art of yoga, or the art of martial arts. found online.

Additionally and finally…

High amino acid foods…
High alkaline food and drink (green juice spring water)…
Oxygenating the system for at least 30 mins a day ( also helps with alkalizing)…
and a clean (processed food free). organic diet.

So enjoy and hopefully this will revolutionize your energy levels 🙂 <3 xx 🙂 xx

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Morning Smoothies


I love a morning smoothie everyday.  It means I get all my fresh fruits and vegetables before I’ve even had a meal, and it makes my skin really nice.

They are full of antioxidants.

I also add ground flaxseeds, chia seeds, baobab powder, maca powder and marine collagen.

One tall glass sets me up for the day.


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Vitamins B and C Help With Energy

Vitamins.jpgA friend recently recommended Vits B and C for my energy levels.  While I usually tell non-MSers to go jump off a cliff, I thought, this time, well what’s to lose.  I bought a strong B complex from the local chemist and a high strength high quality Vit C from Amazon.  They  have made a very noticable difference to my energy levels… so I highly recommend them.  Remember quality and strength.  Yes you’ll dig deep in your pockets, but yes it is worth it.

I also recommend them for non-MSers.